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You. Applicant Advantage is all about you. The Scholar, The Athlete, The Artist, Musician, Public Speaker, and Engineer. Applicant Advantage is about You being able to show the world who You are. You are so much more than a piece of paper, an email, a generic form made up of drop down menus. You are more than few minutes of rushed conversations with a recruiter, coach or admissions counselor.

A 14-year-old high school freshman is planning for her summer break. For a second time she will be traveling to New York from Small Town Wisconsin to perform at Carnegie Hall. She has been playing violin for almost as long as she can remember. The performance will be another in a long line of successes. This trip will be followed closely by a tour in China and a trip to Australia before her Sophomore year of high school ends. The video, newspaper stories and audio of these trips will be captured and shared with college recruiters around the world through Applicant Advantage.

A 23-year-old college grad one year out of school is in Colorado trying to get noticed in the film community. With Applicant Advantage his portfolio real will be attached to every email, resume, business card and proposal he sends.

A 45-year-old father of three is talking with a new business prospect about a project and mentions he is interested in the possibility of adjunct professorship at the local university. He tells the prospect he enjoys teaching, shares his Applicant Advantage profile with videos and syllabus of the classes he has taught. The prospect, impressed with the man’s desire to give back buys the project. And as luck would have it, the prospect is friends with the Dean of the local college. The video samples on the Applicant Advantage profile convince the Dean and a phone call is made to the soon-to-be-professor.

An 18-year-old college senior applies to MIT and shares her Applicant Advantage profile. That profile includes all the design and engineering work she did in high school as well as a couple of newspaper articles. The stories follow her and her team as they win state and national robotics competitions.

A 22-year-old college senior is applying to law school…

A 16-year-old soccer goalie wants the coach at a college to notice her.

A group of 3, 18 year old high school graduates apply for a business loan…

A painter, a guitarist, a lacrosse player, a welder…

Applicant Advantage is for YOU; because you are not just a piece of paper.

This is your calling card. Leave it with those you want to impress.

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