C2 Education

We get results. Whether your student is aiming for higher test scores, better grades, dream college acceptances, or all of the above, C2 Education is here to help make it happen. Our expert tutors create personalized academic plans for each student based on an initial assessment. Then we reevaluate frequently and make customized adjustments to continually ensure we’re meeting the needs of each and every student individually.

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Cutting Edge Connect


Cutting Edge Connect improves the hiring process for decision makers and hiring authorities across every industry. Our efforts have cut hiring time and drastically reduced fulfillment costs for dozens of worldwide leaders in manufacturing, print production, engineering, healthcare, and more. We work with organizations on three separate continents and have placed talent at all levels and at all posts.

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Fresh Start Career Center

Fresh Start Incubator enables residents of Northeastern Illinois to realize their dream of starting and growing a business. Our vision is to offer a wide range of business resources and to create a collaborative business atmosphere for entrepreneurs to help build and grow a sustainable business operation.

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VentureWrite was established to help small businesses navigate the ever changing world of online marketing. As a retail professional with over 20 years of marketing strategy development, Angela K. Denton and her team can help you to develop and execute a digital marketing strategy that will work for today and attract the clients you need for the business of tomorrow.

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