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What It Is

“There has to be a better way”. That’s where we started, with that statement… and now there is. Applicant Advantage is the better way to make your best first impression and leave a lasting impression.

Three guys with many years in talent recruiting finally bubbled over with frustration. No matter how many conversations we had, what questions we asked, what the candidate and / or client said, there was still WAY too much left to chance. The recruiting industry really doesn’t innovate much. Sure, the internet brought us digital job boards, on line resumes, etc. but it also brought a whole new list of challenges. Suddenly we could tell the entire world we were looking for a person with a particular skill set; unfortunately, the entire world instantly responded with a resume. The basic job of the recruiter, to source and sift down to the best candidates, remains the same. The interview processes has, in many cases gotten worse and the “one page resume” is still the gold standard. Or, at least it was.

Applicant Advantage is an easy to share, virtual container to store all your accomplishments. Resume 2.0. It is the application on technology. It is, like you are, so much more than a piece of paper.

With Applicant Advantage you can share highlight videos, audio samples, pictures, letters of recommendation, awards, designs; almost anything. Why try to convince someone you are a great soccer player, singer, presenter or public speaker by writing it down? Why not show them? Why hope your passion for work comes off in a cover letter? With Applicant Advantage your personal video intro is the first thing people see. Make your first impression in person.

Scholarship applications, auditions, job applications, sports try outs, internships, promotions, business opportunities; Applicant Advantage is built so you can share and highlight YOU, the way YOU want to.

So, get started. Record your introduction video, add your history, your accomplishments, then share your Unique QR code or short URL generated by Applicant Advantage with the people that need it. Use it when applying for anything where simply being a piece of paper isn’t going to cut it. From high school freshman, to business owner, to veteran performer Applicant Advantage will build your best first impression.

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