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How It Works

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Applicant Advantage works because relying on someone else’s recall, a chance meeting, or a piece of paper is a bad idea.

After 6 hour of talking to job seekers in search of all types of work your average recruiter only wants to sit down relax and breath. I know this; I’ve been that recruiter dozens of times.

The same is true for college admissions recruiters, coaches recruiting athletes, startup incubator competitions, club or organization interviews, internship fairs, and dozens of other competitive situations.

The day after a recruiting event, interviewers are left with only the notes he or she took and the recollection of the conversations. It is impossible to remember everything and everyone.

Applicant Advantage works because it doesn’t rely on the person you are trying to impress or convince to remember anything about you. When it comes time to review applications and make decisions, with Applicant Advantage, you won’t just be the notes on a piece of paper. Your unique QR code at the top of your information leads to a replay of your video audition, highlight real, photo portfolio, design ideas, awards, academics and more, only a click away.

Applicant Advantage works because you aren’t just another face in the crowd, name on paper, or 10 minute conversation. You aren’t a moment in time; you are all your accomplishments. Applicant Advantage puts everything in the hands of the most important people before, during and after those critical conversations. No critical conversation will ever be too short, forgotten, or misunderstood again.

You may find yourself with the opportunity to talk directly to that coach, professor, or business owner that you have been chasing. You might even be fully prepared, dressed appropriately, and not forget anything. That person might be so impressed they decide to make you a job offer, internship, position on the team or other opportunity in that instant on the spot. But for 99% of us that won’t happen. Applicant Advantage works because it doesn’t leave your fate to a chance meeting. That highlight real, conversation, and first impression can be passed through an unlimited number of hands and arrive looking exactly as impressive to the last person as it did to the first.

Check out the Applicant Advantage Overview Video Below!

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