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First 100

We hit 100 on Facebook!

In the grand scheme of things 100 Facebook followers isn’t much. OK to be fair 100 followers is something less than not much. Or is it?

On the wood column next to the cash register at the bicycle shop where I got my first job was a dollar bill in a small frame. The owner explained it was the first dollar spent by a customer in the store. If you look, you’ll find a dollar hung on the wall of many businesses. Legend says it’s good luck.


While the dollar on the wall may very well be good luck, it also serves another purpose. It’s a subtle reminder that our customers are giving us their money and their trust in the job we do.

While no money has changed hands on the Applicant Advantage Facebook page there is most certainly a “first dollar” pinned to the virtual wall. And now there are more than 100. In a few short months more than 100 people have entrusted us with their time and energy as we try to build something; a best first impression, a resume 2.0, and proof that we are all more than a piece of paper.

We are all unique, there is no reason a lifetime of attempts, events and accomplishments should be reduced to pull down menus, and text boxes limited to 650 words. Whether you are trying to get a scholarship, get into college, make a traveling softball team, get into grad school or are in the middle of a whole sale career change we hope Applicant Advantage will help. And we thank those first 100 who stepped up.

We may not have an actual dollar pinned to an actual wall, but if we did it wouldn’t say “good luck”. The Applicant Advantage dollar is a thank you and a reminder we are here for you, and because of you.


Three guys trying to make a change.

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