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Da Vinci was first, 1482


Credit for the first resume ever created seems to go to legendary inventor Leonardo Da Vinci in 1482. The version we are most familiar with remains largely unchanged since the 1950s. A small company in Libertyville, Applicant Advantage Inc, is poised to change all that.

Born out of frustration with the recruiting industry’s reliance on the stale paper resume in 2009, Applicant Advantage founders, Jim Schofield and John Edgcomb began experimenting with a video based platform. This means the original idea for Applicant Advantage was born around the same time as Youtube, Facebook and the iPhone while predating Snapchat and Instagram. Admittedly the concept of using video in candidate presentation was a bit ahead of its time in 2009.

Fast forward to 2018 where technological advances, market readiness and a slight target audience change have come together in Applicant Advantage’s favor.

Founder Jim Schofield, “we initially created the Applicant Advantage tool for business professionals but over time it became apparent that high school and college students would adopt to the technology much faster and had a much larger need.”

Applicant Advantage is a free-to-use web-based tool designed as a place for high school and college students to capture, curate and quickly distribute accomplishments. Applicant Advantage allows users to capture athletic, artistic and academic events in video, audio, digital image portfolios, documents such as letters of recommendation, school transcripts, newspaper articles, awards, community service work and contact information in a modern, mobile optimized, easy to use format.

An Applicant Advantage profile also includes a video introduction allowing candidates to make a first impression the way he or she wants!

A uniquely generated short url and QR code is provided for each profile allowing the information to be quickly shared, directly, person to person, or easily inserted into scholarship applications, school applications, the Common Ap and virtually all other applications. No longer will students be forced to fit everything into a text-based essay.

“Absolutely, Applicant Advantage works for experienced job seekers looking to separate themselves just as well as it does for college applicants,” Schofield notes. “Anyone that doesn’t want to be reduced to one page in black and white. Build Your Best First Impression.”

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More information about Applicant Advantage can be found at

Or contact Applicant Advantage at

Applicant Advantage

28085 N. Ashley Circle #201

Libertyville, IL 60048


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